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South Asia Needs to Adopt a Gender Mainstreaming Approach in Climate Policy

31 May, 2019
Dr. Dhanasree Jayaram

Women are vital for effective climate policy making and implementation. In South Asia, more needs to be done on systematically integrating women into policy processes - as active stakeholders and not merely as victims of climate risks.

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Beyond 16: The SDGs and the opportunity to build a more peaceful world

29 May, 2019
David Steven, (Center on International Cooperation, NYU), Rachel Locke (Center on International Cooperation, NYU) and Lukas Rüttinger (adelphi)

The foreign policy community faces a choice. It can continue to allow unacceptable levels of violence and conflict to undermine individual countries and the global order. Or it can build a new consensus that violence is a preventable epidemic. This would take seriously a growing body of evidence showing what is most likely to work to steer the world back toward global peace, resilient societies, and more sustainable prosperity.

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