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Managing climate and disaster risk in fragile states

09 July, 2019
Martin Ras, UNDP

Natural hazards hit all countries but people living in least developed countries and fragile states, often affected by conflict, feel them most severely. According to the Overseas Development Institute, between 2004 and 2014, 58 percent of all deaths from disasters occurred in the 30 most fragile states.

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South Asia Needs to Adopt a Gender Mainstreaming Approach in Climate Policy

31 May, 2019
Dr. Dhanasree Jayaram

Women are vital for effective climate policy making and implementation. In South Asia, more needs to be done on systematically integrating women into policy processes - as active stakeholders and not merely as victims of climate risks.

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Fostering Citizen Enforcement and Rule of Law Could Cut Down Illegal Logging

21 May, 2019
Kyla Peterson

Civil society engagement is essential for environmental protection, especially in cases where institutional frameworks are weak and governance is lacking. Often, civilians are witnessing the illegal exploitation of resources and are better informed about crimes happening near their homes. They can help dismantle illegal enterprises such as rainforest logging. A new mobile app has been developed to make it easy for people to feed information into databases and contribute to better enforcement of environmental laws.