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Strengthening International Cooperation for a Global Energy Transition

15 July, 2019
Dr. Rainer Quitzow, Sonja Thielges, Prof. Dr. Andreas Goldthau, Dr. Sebastian Helgenberger and Grace Kageni Mbungu (IASS)

International cooperation in support of a global energy transition is on the rise. The international institutional architecture has developed significantly over the past decade. Initiatives and fora for multilateral cooperation are complemented by growing bilateral engagement to foster international lesson-drawing and exchange. Despite these promising developments, investment towards achieving SDG7 on clean and affordable energy is insufficient. This IASS Policy Brief discusses how international cooperation can support a global energy transition.

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China eyes Argentina in global nuclear roll out

12 June, 2019
Lili Pike and Fermin Koop, China Dialogue

Costs, emissions and safety are at stake as Argentina and China look set to seal a nuclear power deal. In the midst of economic and political uncertainty, Argentina has doubled down on a major Chinese nuclear power deal. The new nuclear plant in Buenos Aires province will help meet Argentina’s energy needs with the support of Chinese technology and finance.

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Peace Science Digest Special Issue - Climate Change, Security and Conflict

05 June, 2019
Peace Science Digest

For researchers looking into global security dynamics, it is becoming increasingly difficult to overlook climate change as a threat multiplier in conflict situations. While climate change may not directly cause conflict, it may be inextricably woven into pre-existing conflicts of power, ethnicity, and economic interest. Understading the role of climate-related impacts on security is therefore crucial for global peace.

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Fostering Citizen Enforcement and Rule of Law Could Cut Down Illegal Logging

21 May, 2019
Kyla Peterson

Civil society engagement is essential for environmental protection, especially in cases where institutional frameworks are weak and governance is lacking. Often, civilians are witnessing the illegal exploitation of resources and are better informed about crimes happening near their homes. They can help dismantle illegal enterprises such as rainforest logging. A new mobile app has been developed to make it easy for people to feed information into databases and contribute to better enforcement of environmental laws.